June: Maneula Igreja
June's featured goldsmith: Manuela Igreja

At Studio Kingfisher we are pleased to stock, feature and support all of our goldsmiths, jewellers and artists. We are so proud of them and their work that we have decided to bring you a blog that will feature their work and information about them, so that you can feel closer to the designers and makers of the beautiful work that you are viewing.

Our first featured artist for June is the lovely Manuela Igreja, 


Manuela is a Portugese born, Melbourne based goldsmith. After moving to Australia from Portugal, she began to explore the diverse landscapes and fell in love with the local flora and fauna. With a background in mathematics and origami, it seemed a natural progression to explore the geometry and textures that surround us in her organic jewellery collection.

Manuela divides her time between exploring the land to collect botanical elements, and
working in her Melbourne studio to create unique and remarkable jewels. 

When asked about her label, inspiration and creative process she said: 

"I have been immersed in the Melbourne culture for almost two years now and it has been a very enriching experience.  I wanted my jewellery project to be somehow tied to the Melbourne environment and that’s how I came up with the idea of creating my pieces inspired by local Flora. Living in Melbourne surrounded by an intense artistic culture has been a very strong source of inspiration to me: the freedom to think outside of the box and to follow my own path while interacting others exploring their creativity is a great source of motivation.

Melbourne Flora is my main source of inspiration!  Most of my pieces are designed using elements I have found while walking through gardens and Natural Reserves, including seeds, pods and sprouts.  These are fundamental because they are the very first step of my creations. My favourite product from my collection is called “The She Oak” which is very special because it was my first experience with native trees in Melbourne.  The idea of wearing something that is so deeply bonded to Australia made me create a whole line of products inspired by it that includes earrings, brooches, pendants and rings".

We are huge fans of Manuela's work and hope you are too, we will featuring new work from her hot off the bench.You can keep up to date with her work by following us on instagram.