Eran Naylor Jewellery

Make your own Wedding Bands. 3 sessions x 2.5hrs.


Eran Naylor Jewellery

Make your own Wedding Bands. 3 sessions x 2.5hrs.


 I made my the wedding rings for my own wedding and so can you.

Are you an alternative couple who would like wedding rings with a personal touch?-then this course is for you. 

You can make your own ring or make each others- either way, the amount of work you out into your rings will seal your love into every molecule of the metal. 

This is a 3 part course for couples, anyone and everyone is welcome. The price is per couple- not individually.

Please choose the days for your course and contact us to make sure the dates are available. 

We can arrange when the classes run and they can either run every week or even every two weeks. 

(Please note the course price is for tuition only- you will need to pay for the final metal cost by gram plus GST and any embellishments such as engraving or stones. AN IMPORTANT NOTE IS THAT YOUR FINAL RINGS WILL BE AT A WHOLESALE COST TO YOU- so the cost of your rings plus the tuition will cost around the same cost as buying made rings from a store if not less)

In this course you will do the following:

Week 1: Discuss and look over designs for your rings, metal choices and sizing. Learn carving techniques and carve a practice ring to your design.

Week 2: Carve your final ring from wax discuss and get together the final ideas for an embellishments on your rings. Your work will be weighed in the class so that you get an idea of the final cost.

Week 3: Learn to finish off your rings to a professional standard and to apply different finishes. With the skills that you have learnt so far, discuss and finalise the final design of your wedding bands. 

I will discuss as you go along the design of the final ring and we will help you. If you would like any stones setting or complicated engraving that can arranged by me on the final piece at an extra cost.

Your course will be tutored by myself, Eran Naylor, owner and resident jeweller at Studio Kingfisher. I teach a wax class every couple of months in a similar method to groups of up to six students at a time. This course is held in our lovely studio and I am a confident, passionate and enthusiastic teacher who will go the extra step to help you create your perfect rings. 

If you would like to read reviews my teaching please go to the Studio Kingfisher reviews. This is a private class just for two people and therefore allow us to really concentrate on a purposeful design and texture for your rings. 

Your final rings will come in beautiful black velvet boxes for you to use on the big day.